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Mobile applications and games

  • Mobile Bank
  • VR / AR - reality
  • Social Networks
  • Business applications
  • Games
  • React Native, Java, Node.js
  • C++, Objective C
  • Swift, C#
  • Unity, Unreal Engine
  • iOS, Android, Windows Phone

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Stage 1

First of all, we make a design task.
It includes: Use-Case table, diagrams of sequences, states, connections and concept description.
This makes it possible to make a prototype of a system or application.
The prototype is a project scheme, accessible via the Internet where you can see, click, see how each element will work.
The prototype is needed for a designer and programmers.

Interface design

Stage 2

First, we create the concept of usability.
It shows a designer which interface, colors, configuration of the elements will be convenient and understandable to the user. For this purpose, special studies and surveys of real people - potential customers are done.
Then creating a Design Layout - a picture of the future web site.


Stage 3

We develop projects on SCRUM methodology - the most modern in the world.
The project is divided into a series of stages with a length of one month – i.e., we issue the finished result, the working part of the system - once a month.
Each stage is divided into a series of smaller stages, 2 weeks long. This makes it possible to make changes to the project at any stage of its building.


Stage 4

In order users will be able to install the app, it must be visible in the Google Play and App Store. In general, users install applications that are in the first positions of categories or search in the store.

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