Interface Design

Concept, design, development.

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Interface from scratch

For programs, web services, applications and games

  • Software interfaces
  • VR / AR interfaces
  • Mobile applications
  • Business applications
  • Game interfaces
  • Concept and logic
  • High usability
  • Creative design
  • Layout / Development
  • iOS, Android, Windows, Unity, Unreal Engine

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How we create interfaces


Stage 1

First of all, we make a design task. It includes: diagrams of sequences, states, connections and a description of the concept. This makes it possible to make a prototype of a system or application.
The prototype is a project scheme, accessible via the Internet, where you can see, click, see how each element will work. The prototype is needed for a designer and programmers.

Interface design

Stage 2

First, we create the concept of usability.
It shows a designer which interface, colors, configuration of the
elements will be convenient and understandable to the user. For
this purpose, special studies and surveys of real people - potential
customers are done.
Then creating a Design Layout. This is a high-quality visualization - a picture of the future interface.


Stage 3

We develop an interface using the SCRUM methodology - the most advanced in the world.
The project is divided into a series of stages with a length of one month - that is, we issue the finished result, the working part of the system - once a month.
Each stage is divided into a series of smaller stages, 2 weeks long. This makes it possible to make changes to the application at any stage of development.previously approved by him/her. After the approval of the storyboard in this form, edits to the video are not made later.

GUI testing (Graphical user interface)

At the stage of testing the user interface (UI), we check how easy it is to use and whether it complies with the specified requirements and the approved prototype.
We test how the program behaves and how interface elements are displayed on various devices when a user performs certain actions. This allows you to assess effectiveness of a user experience.

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Something interesting

It is important to understand that a user does not want to think.
The user does not want to think about how to perform different actions on the web site. Therefore, when creating the interface, we are focused on the simplicity of implementation and intuitively clear things, which will be a kind of pointers to the user's path to the goal.

Interfaces and Games

We develop game interfaces basing on the game concept.
A good game interface “lives” and dynamically responds to the actions of players.
Interface animation - as a pinch of spices in the "dish". It makes the interface smoother, more connected and consistent. Smoothes sharp transitions, draws attention to the right places, entertains the user.

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