3D graphics and animation

Characters, objects, scenes, videos

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3D, animation, videos

For presentations, virtual reality and games

  • 3D graphics
  • Characters
  • Scenes
  • Objects
  • Videos
  • 3D Max, Blender, Adobe After Effects
  • Unity, Unreal Engine
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Project "Turnkey"
  • Scenario, sound, model, action

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Stage 1

The concept is an idea on which the full-fledged plot of the video will be developed in the future. Based on information and materials received from the Customer, our scriptwriters develop 3 versions of the concept. In the future, the Customer can choose one of them or combine the ideas together, receiving a certain symbiosis of creativity.


Stage 2

The foundation for the creation of any animated video uniquely is a creative, exciting story. As soon as we decide the direction (concept), we will begin to develop a scenario that will skillfully and effectively convey the main message of your company to your target customer.

But creativity itself is not enough. For a good reason, speaking about the collection of materials, we mentioned issues related to marketing a product / service. Having studied and accurately understood who should “fall into” the video, our marketers “sharpen” the script for a specific target segment. Plus, when creating a script for an animated video, we use narrative models known in copywriting, such as, for example, AIDA or SCORE, TOTE, known to us from psychology and NLP.


Stage 3

After approval by the customer of the script, we proceed to the storyboard. Its implementation can be different (by hand or in the program, in color or without), the main thing is that the Customer can understand what his/her video will look like on the output, how the script will “play” - scene by scene.

Often we provide our customers with a version of the finished composition. That is, in fact, this is the final video, only in static. At this stage, all necessary edits and comments from the Customer are made within the framework of the script previously approved by him/her. After the approval of the storyboard in this form, edits to the video are not made later.

Sound recording

Stage 4

You can deliver to your client any message with the help of one or several professional announcers from our group. We offer a choice, as a rule, of 5-7 voices, not more, these voices are verified by our experience and selected showing themselves in practice.

We are convinced that it simply does not make sense to overwhelm a client with dozens of voices since the client will still choose between 2-3 options. So why waste the precious time of the customer?


Stage 5

The storyboard and style are approved, the voice is recorded and we are immersed in production. At this stage, our video designers are fully in charge. Sometimes they are joined by illustrators. This stage of creating an animated video can be called truly magical. The picture starts to come to life, objects move and turn into something else, inscriptions and text appear and disappear under various special effects.

Sound design

Stage 6

The final stage is sound designing. It is amazing how a properly selected composition and sound effects written for it, accompanying the video sequence, can animate the video. It is a fact: good sound design is 50% of the success of your video.

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