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I have just an idea that needs to be implemented using Internet technologies or development. Can I ask for advice?
Yes, we support ideas and initiatives. You can contact us and our business consultants will help you with your idea, identify weaknesses and strengths. Consultation is free of charge.
How long do you develop web sites been?
It all depends on the complexity and requirements. We take up to 2 months to develop.
In my case, it's not that important as the web site will look. It is only necessary to update the information in a timely manner. Is it possible to buy the cheapest web site and technical support services?
We do not adhere to the concept of cheap means ugly. All our web sites are attractive and meet the requirements of the business. Otherwise, your goal cannot be achieved. Tritek experts assess the competitive environment and the development of a particular area in order to create the most effective tool.
How can I follow the progress of my mobile app or website?
A personal account has been created especially for you, where you can observe the progress of the project, leave comments and ask questions.
I want a website design unlike any other. Can I get it in your company?
Yes, there are professional designers in Tritek who will offer individual design and the embodiment of your idea.
I need an online store, its support and advertising. Can I order everything from you?
Tritek company is engaged in development and support of online stores at a high professional level. The Omedia team is in charge of advertising (, a member of the group of companies. For your convenience, all services can be ordered in one place, reducing the need of communication on your project to a minimum.
I want to improve my business processes, but I do not know how and what technologies are available. Can I just talk about my business and get some advice?
Yes, you can contact our business experts and learn about today's opportunities that can be applied to your business.
I need a CRM system to optimize and manage my business. However, not ready to buy it. Do you have any options for use?
You can use the CRM system by renting it or by installment as well as using one of our products or program that includes the use of CRM.
How does the working process on my project can be built?
A project team consisting of: Project Manager, Account Manager, Team Leader, Analyst. Depending on the project the team can be changed.
I am a regular user of Tritek services can I expect additional discounts?
Our flexible system of work and loyalty programs provide a lot of opportunities and pleasant additions to cooperation.

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