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TRITEK specializes in complex software development and high-tech projects.

Since 2014, TRITEK has created over 80 software and website projects. We help clients to save about $ 1,000,000 per year by creating business management systems.

The operational staff of the company is more than 50 managers, developers, designers, testers. 30 full-fledged teams located in different parts of the world working on projects.
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Own technology

We have created 8 proprietary technologies, including several frameworks some of them for developing banking products.

Business solutions

We have created 8 proprietary technologies, including several frameworks some of them for developing banking products.

Expertise and efficiency of decisions

Today, TRITEK is an expert in software development: CRM, ERP, analytics and accounting systems, online services and mobile applications of any complexity for Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian.

Regarding design, we specialize in WEB-design, application interface design as well as the creation of 3D graphics.

The idea and essence of TRITEK is expressed by the phrase: "Technology of Intellectual Marketing"

Development map

  • 20.10.2010

    The first steps

    How it all began


    In 2010, the TRITEK team developed the first software package on .Net. The language used is C ++. Later we focused on such technologies as Angular and Angular.js, React.js, Redux, Yii, Symfony, SAP, Oracle.

  • 15.08.2012


    Cautious start


    We have developed our own first project - "Client Management System for Small Business" in C #. Since 2012, TRITEK has been actively developing the development direction for DevExpress, WinForms and WPF.

  • 12.04.2016




    In 2016, the company was restructured, we added new areas to our business: software development, web site developing, design and internet marketing. From this point on, new brands appeared - “Codeevolution” and “CodeSpace”, the essence of which is to unite IT entrepreneurs and specialists to create a unified concept for the development of IT business. Also, in 2016 we focused on the integrated development of web projects based on React.js, Redux, Angular.js, Yii2, Symfony, Typescript, ASP.NET.

  • 12.02.2018

    Steps to success



    All directions were combined under the brand TRITEK SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT.
    - We advise several companies on business development, Agile implementation and project management.
    - We are the organizers of start-ups "CodeSpace" and "Aquatic".
    - Created and tested the methodology and platform for fast application creation - “CodeX”.

  • 10.01.2019



    Expertise and achievements

    TRITEK is an expert in the development of integrated business management systems, the implementation of Agile, and the automation of business processes. Our experience in developing and implementing business management systems is more than 10 years.

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